Hi. I'm Sarah.

Growing up, I had no desire to see or hear myself. I kept trying to make myself smaller and more invisible.
So of course, I married a man who couldn't seem to see or hear me.
When I realized I wasn't thriving, I started to do the things that used to bring me life, which were art, yoga, and music. I picked up a camera when I was seven, shot throughout high school and college, and have continued to shoot to this day. You can book a bare story (boudoir session) with me here.

I started practicing yoga when I was ten, and was certified as a yoga teacher in late 2016. You can take a class with me here.

Painting began as a form of therapy when I was going through my divorce. (You knew that was coming, right?) You can browse my latest work here.

Oh, and I've always written. (I haven't always shared it.) You can read my blog here.