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Technically, this is a photography session.

But really, this is an opportunity for you to explore who you are as a beautifully sensual being, and to embrace a more vulnerable side of your essence.

Together, we'll create a space to explore the layers of your imagination, and the photographs are just a nice fringe benefit.


The resulting images may be an experience just for you OR the perfect surprise for your partner.

*Beautifully  B A R E Collections available for private viewing, for privacy of clients (not everything is PG).

Twenty high-res images are included, and you can purchase the entire session portfolio for an additional cost.

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"Somehow along my journey as a woman in this world I've found the power to live into my sexuality. Though there are things about my body that the world says are not perfect--my breasts are small, nose strong and hips narrow. I pride myself in being a woman who does not hide my sensual self. So by participating in a bare session, I wanted to prove to myself that I indeed do walk the walk, that I know I am beautiful and powerful at my barest.

So I must admit I was surprised when I felt a bashful in my birthday suit during my Bare Session.  I caught myself compulsively covering my nipples, small tummy and the scars on my backside. While I always felt comfortable owning my sexuality and being naked in front of my lovers, this space was something entirely foreign. I felt forced to own my sensuality in a way I hadn't done before. It was devoid of the male gaze or of costume or performance. It was only me and the eye of the camera.

Sarah curates an environment that was able to slowly able to melt away any discomfort I felt. Her talent for using her feminine intuition to read how her client is doing and ability to respond with maternal gentleness allows the session to lead itself. Her combination of talents results in a deeply enjoyable experience as well as breathtaking images.

Upon receiving my photos from my session, I not only felt affirmed in my beauty and sexuality but also now view my body and my essence through a new lens. My arms and back looked stronger than I can see through my own eyes. My curves more feminine and the features of my face - novel.

I am thankful for the unique experience and for these beautiful images that I will forever cherish."

-Brianna M

"I look back to receiving the gift of those photos as a turning point in our relationship, not from bad to good, but to a deeper, more intimate, and passionate relationship. Opening herself up to me in that way was such a gift. Not only was is super sexy, it was also a confidence boost for me.

I don't even know how to express what it fully means to me or how to thank her.

Thank you!"

-Gabe C

"My shoot was a spiritual experience. Meaningful, anchoring and perspective-shaping.

I’ll never forget when Sarah showed me a preview of some of the photos mid-way through the shoot. I exclaimed, “That’s me?! I was amazed at how she captured my make-up free face, my frame and my personality. There are some particular pics that are just “so me.”

Growing up in a culturally Asian household, I covered myself when I got dressed, even when all alone.

My BARE story brought freedom and a renewed sense of deep beauty and appreciation for my Creator.

Sarah outfitted me with a wardrobe and accessories and staging that helped me feel at home in my own skin.

It’s incredible how one experience could be such an important anchor. Grateful for this milestone and already looking forward to the next opportunity."

-Tamara W

"On the outside I can easily appear to be a confident, self-assured, strong woman, but the reality is, we all have our insecurities.  The vulnerability felt during a bare story is so much more than physical... it is an unveiling of one’s complete self.  Leading up to it I was a mix of emotions... I knew deep down that I was proud of my postpartum self, that I was beautiful, that I was loved, and yet, I wasn’t sure I would actually feel that when I stood before the camera or looked at the images.  Not because of what Sarah would think, or even what my husband would think, but because of what I would think.  

There was so much fear knowing there was nothing to hide behind; nevertheless,

there was also so much freedom knowing there was nothing to hide from.  It definitely took work on my part.  

I had to show up... like seriously be present!  I remember Sarah encouraging me multiple times, “chin up!”  

Without thinking I would slowly revert to this chin down pose, and yet there was power in lifting my head, in looking straight into that camera,in baring and bringing all of who I was at that moment.  The day before my photo shoot, my partner joked with me and told me not to start crying in the middle, and I responded that there was no way (although inside, my nerves were telling me otherwise).  Well, there I was, mid photo shoot and as sarah turned the camera around to show me an image, tears started welling up in my eyes.  However, they weren’t tears of shame or fear, or nerves, they were tears of wonder and joy.  I saw and felt that woman who had birthed four kids, who was beautiful, and who was loved.  Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your amazing talents with the world.  You capture not only images, but you also capture feelings, and that, my friend, is a gift!  I will forever cherish my bare story and I would encourage everyone to show up and let Sarah be a witness to who you are... with nothing to hide." 

- Jordan B

"I have never liked my body.
I did the BARE experience because I was hoping to change how I felt about my body.
I felt nervous and ashamed going into it. It was a little daunting.
Sarah sees beauty in people they often can't see in themselves.
That kind of insight leads to intimacy which can feel scary but it is really beautiful and empowering also. I don't know that anything shifted during. But now, when I look back at the pictures Sarah took, each time I can see something new that's beautiful in them. It's slow work...but the work is happening. Be bold and do it. I don't regret it even a little bit. It’s an intensely beautiful thing. It may feel a little invasive however I found it to be freeing at the same time." 

- Anonymous

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