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Breathwork is a simple practice that has enabled me to unlock my creativity,

let go of feelings of 'not enough,' and remain grounded in truth.


I get it.

It's weird to consider the profound nature of that thing we do without even thinking... as being a means of healing...   and in that way... it kinda makes perfect sense... the Divine has given us this amazing tool to clear up heavy emotions AND get centered!



A breathwork practice is for everyone, and I'd be happy to show you how it's done.


Blocked creativity? Let breathwork expand you.


Feeling resentment, anger or overwhelm? Let breathwork bring you back to yourself.


Wanting clarity & deeper grounding? Let breathwork be the guide.


During a breathwork session, we'll talk for a few minutes about what you're hoping to receive or release during your session.


I'll invite you to comfortably lie on the floor, then guide you into a simple breathing pattern for 30-40 minutes. I'll check in with you every few minutes as you allow the power of the breath to do its work. You may notice your hands tingle or have visions or feel a deep spiritual presence or none of those things might happen. Each person's experience varies; the only constant is that you'll feel a deep shifting from within.


During my first breathwork session, I had a visit from my (deceased) father and felt a profound sense of being in the right place at the right time, doing the right work. (So really: no big deal.)

Let's find out what happens for you!


60 minute GROUP Breathwork
60 minute INDIVIDUAL Breathwork


I want to hear more about BREATHWORK SESSIONS!!!

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