hey there anger

Hey there anger

She shows up unannounced.

But I always welcome guests with hospitality.

Truthfully, she's the one I never want to sit with.

But I know I need to hear more from her.

So we sit.

At a children's sized table and share tea. With fancy hats and gloves.

The only way I can stay present with her is to temper our environment.

And then, I ask her...

Why are you here again?

and before she can answer

WHY are you here again?


What do I need to hear still?

What do I need to heal still?

What is our unfinished business?

Do you KNOW I don't like you?

Of anyone, you're the one feeling I'd like to never see or feel again?

Can you leave?

the questions continue at an unnatural pace, not waiting for an answer...

and when I'm out of questions and breath...

She speaks softly

I will be here until we have called out all the ways you have been hurt.

Until the last tear is cried, grievances are aired and maybe something physically broken.

I will be here until you allow me to have space within you, because without allowing me to exist you can not truly experience blissful joy.

And with that, she sips her tea with unexpected gentleness, takes off her gloves and hat... and leaves without notice.

To return at an unforeseen time, only next time I'll be ready.


May your anger have a place at your table and may you invite conversation with all who invite her your way.


Sarah Scheidler1 Comment